Resident Artist

A new resident artist is coming this year! Check back soon for more details 🙂

Resident Artist

Like your exclusive KWarterly pins and artwork? Well, there’s more where that came from! Our box pins are designed by Jushmu, a local KW artist who also runs her own shop! Although the pins in our subscription boxes are exclusive to our subscribers you can check out Jushmu’s Etsy page for more cute and colourful pins, prints and stickers!


Clicking anything below will take you directly to Julie's Etsy shop!




Apparel & Accessories

Meet the Artist


Hey there! My name is Julie and I’m a freelance designer and illustrator with 5 years of experience in the tech start up field. I specialize in creating bright and bold designs to help you and your business stand out and shine. If you’re interested in freelance inquiries, or just want to get to know me you can find me on social media or email me at!

You Can Also Find Jushmu at the Following Locations​

The Adventurer's Guild
The Adventurers Guild
Gifted Waterloo

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